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CEA Provides Vital Resources to Empower, Educate and Enhance the Development of the Hispanic Community.   

Organization History

In the 2016 Presidential election we noticed the shift in policy and politics. We saw change and culture collide. Affecting the lives of many Hispanic families in our surrounding communities. The founding members united with purpose of trying to gather other resources to provide services for the Southern Suburbs of Cook County, which we found difficult. Due to the lack of services and resources in the southern suburbs , ignited the vision for Comunidad En Accion De Il. 

In 2017, Comunidad En Accion De Il (CEA) was founded. We are committed to initiating and developing vital resources in one convenient central location which is the City of Chicago Heights, Il. to service the surrounding southern suburbs.


"We are a grassroots nonprofit organization servicing the Southern Suburbs of Cook County. We provide vital resources to empower, educate and enhance the development of the Hispanic community"



has developed numerous  partnerships with other organizations, community businesses and churches.We continue to strive to establish more partnerships to bring much needed resources to our communities

Supplying services for:

*Immigration Services


*Youth Outreach Programs

*Educational Workshops




CEA is organized and operated exclusively for charitable purposes in accordance with Section 501C3 of the  Internal Revenue Code




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